Competition, feis fashion, classes, cross training, and nutrition…welcome to my Irish dance training blog where I attempt to turn my novice adult self into a champion level dancer!

I started Irish dancing at age 28…just coming up on 3 years total and by conventional standards, 20 years too late. Aside from stumbling through a tumbling type dance class for several years as a child with the occasional (and unsuccessful) foray into tap and jazz, I really had no prior dance experience.

After almost a year of dance being, at most, a once per week fun exercise class at the local rec center, I was invited to participate in my teacher’s St. Patrick’s Dayabout1 performances with her studio. At the time, it was a fairly small satellite studio of a large school that needed some help for performances (it’s quite big now). Bam…hooked! I signed up for the studio classes and began dancing three times a week. A couple months later, I attended my first competition. I’ve been competing ever since.

As I close out my third year I’ve really started seeing improvements in my dancing, and I’ve decided to get more serious. I’m getting ready to drop down from Adult competitions to the &overs, which in additional to providing a steady number of competitors gives the opportunity for advancing to championship level and attending majors. My goal is to reach Open Championship level. My dream is to qualify for Worlds.

As of Jan 2016, I’ve competed in 11 feiseanna over about 1.5 months, earning a slew of about2medals and three 2nd place trophies. I’m straddling Adult Novice and Prizewinner, and I’m planning to drop down soon to the &over Novice level. Adult level is a lot of fun and has its advantages, but ultimately it is limited in not having champion levels nor the ability to dance solos at majors. Additionally, getting a medal for being 2nd out of 2 is not quite as gratifying as 2nd out of, say, 10 or 15.

To reach my goals, I’m adapting the training plan from Lauren Early’s Reaching New Heights training book. This involves continued hard work on my dancing, cross training to improve endurance, strength, and core control, and a weight loss of about 30 pounds.

Go raibh maith agat for visiting!


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