Jockey to the Fair

After successfully learning and polishing Blackbird, we’re having a little fun in Traditional Sets class. My teacher opened up the class for drop in and we’re spending the last two classes of the session learning Jockey to the Fair!

This is one of the less common traditional sets, set in a jig time compared with Blackbird, which is a hornpipe. And, it’s a lot of fun! I’ve really enjoyed two things about this class: working on basics in terms of hard shoe technique, and the bit different technique of set dances.

Since I’m just a Prizewinner, I typically don’t throw anything fancy into my standard dances. But set dances have all sorts of traditional fun: rocks, tips, drums, different sorts of clicks (heel clicks are forbidden). There’s less pressure on as well in terms of competing. While Traditional Set is something we do compete, and Jockey to the Fair can be used for that, right now I’m sticking with Blackbird which means I’m learning a new dance, with fun techniques, just because I can!

We learned the right foot of the step and the first couple combinations of the set part. This is an every-other-week class, so I have a bit of time now to figure out the step on the left leg.

Here’s a great video of the dance. It’s really fun – feels like you’re just tapping and skipping away happily.


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