Still Dancing

I should edit the tagline to read: “The blog that never updates”.

I’m still dancing and trying to crank on my training, but never seem to find time for updates anymore. In the spirit of “let’s try this again”, here is the current state of affairs:

  • I’m still unhappy about my last feis and working to make it up on 1 Oct
  • We got mostly new steps for Irish Dance New Year, or end of summer for normal folks
    • The treble jig is officially boring
    • The new reel is so much fun and I love it
    • The new hornpipe is pretty great too
    • The slip jig updates are overall excellent
    • Overall, the new steps are an improvement in my book
  • I’ve advanced from Fundamentals to Beginner for my ballet class last week and it was tough/humbling – there should really be something between Fundamentals and Beginner I think!
  • I’m challenging myself to get down to a healthier weight and stick to a training schedule, it’s hit and miss so far but better than I did in June and July
  • In class last week I got two stickers and I’m proud of myself because apparently I’m a child

A few improvements I’ve made include more stamina for classes and making it halfway through the hornpipe before losing steam.

Last night’s drills class was a good indication of the progress I think I’m making. While I was breathing heavy and felt like throwing up at one point, I was able to complete all my drills except a couple early bow outs at the last rep during hard shoe at the end of class. While I did receive corrections, I also received praise for my leaps and a couple other steps we were doing.

So, onward and upward and we’ll see if I can give myself time to update consistently…