After two weeks out on work travel (including an ugly encounter with hail), I was finally able to get back to classes this week. That’s not to say I didn’t do at least a little bit of training – a bit of strength and conditioning in the hotel for example as well as using my nearly finished home studio. But, it wasn’t close to what was going on in class and I’m shuffling around on sore legs today!

A couple examples of my hotel exercises – toe raises/stands and working on my ankle and foot strength
with the resistance band.

Monday was our drills class, and I was the only Novice/Prizewinner of the bunch. It was very difficult to keep up in some aspects. While everyone else was breathing heavy too, I was trying not to throw up from the exertion. I really need to work on improving my stamina.

I had made some progress with my double ups previously, which is a trick where you jump on one leg and lift the other above your knee and shake your foot twice. A demo can be found here, with the full movement shown around 0:45. I practiced this move on Monday in class, but I couldn’t get the double movement in my raised leg at all. Same happened on Tuesday’s class… It’s frustrating to go backward.

I did do well, based on teacher praise, on a drill where we walked the length of the floor to practice straight legs. We would reach forward with a pointed toe on the right, bring our feet together (think turned out relevé in first or making a triangle between your feet and the floor), then reach out with the pointed toe on the left and repeat down the floor. Actually managing straight legs the whole way is great progress for me! I’m also getting good lift on my leaps and getting close to the hanging leap goal.

My regular class was on Tuesday and again was a haul due to having so few people (5) in the class right now. We practiced all our feis dances and tried to apply corrections. My foot placement on my light jig received praise from the teacher, plus a “keep the back foot turned out but it’s getting better.” Things to work on included making the reel nice and lively and focus on hard shoe turn out. Our teacher encouraged us to start by making each of our bangs with a nice turned out foot, and as long as I don’t space out (which happens a lot) during the feis I will try to apply this in hopes of a good score.

Today is my last class for over a month and I’m pretty bummed to be out of the studio so long. On the plus side, though, now that my dance space at home is functional I will make the most of this time to work on details like hanging leaps and better trebles, as well as spinning up some of my cross training.


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