I Think I Can Finally Consider Myself a Prizewinner

The problem with grades is it’s hard to tell what level you really are, because each dance is advanced independently. What do you call someone with 2 dances in Beginner 2, 2 dances in Novice, and 3 dances in Prizewinner?


Feis friends

For me, though, I think I might finally accept the title of Prizewinner, because I now have 4 dances moved up! Finally, finally, finally, I have advanced a dance that matters for prelim by winning 1st place in my slip jig last weekend!

I’m really happy about how the feis went. I placed solidly in my reel with a 4th, which was one of my goals, and I advanced my slip jig with a win which was the thing I was really hoping would happen! I also got a 3rd in my treble jig…just one place shy of advancement! I pooched my hornpipe, though. My step starts with 2 bangs, then a run straight forward. The girl dancing with me didn’t move over very far when we stepped forward, then she cut right in front of me as I tried to move forward! I never managed to recover, and generally it was just horrible after that. But, it was only horrible enough to get me 1 point shy of placing, so there’s still hope! I also placed 3rd in the slip jig special. For this I got a trophy that says, not third place, but just “Special” on it. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit the past week announcing that I’m special to friends and presenting my trophy to prove it. It’s probably my least favorite yet most entertaining trophy to date. It even beats the trophy of a bee I got in 5th grade for winning the spelling bee.


I’ve wanted an Irish dance crown for about three years now. It’s small compared to most, but I’m happy!

Between dancing and tearing down (my school hosts the feis so we must involuntarily volunteer to help), I had over 20,000 steps on the day. I also took the opportunity to buy a new headband to go with my new dress (as a purple flower fascinator no longer matches, of course) and I will be debuting a new wig at next month’s feis!

Despite getting turned around/lost on the way down to the feis, frantically buying a headpiece to go with my new dress before the feis started, realizing I didn’t know how to pin in a headpiece and having to cobble together something that wouldn’t fall off my head, practicing only modestly due to lack of space and high winds outside where the only practice space existed, losing my dress shields and making makeshift ones out of extra kickpants, getting dressed and waiting to start only to have start time pushed back an hour, running outside and finding my dress shields on the ground outside my car, returning and trying to keep warm, then finally getting to start only to have the music very difficult to follow, it was still a great feis. A friend of mine was in the adult competition at the same time so I wasn’t lonely, and I achieved my goals of placing in the reel, advancing my slip jig, and placing well in the treble jig. Sans the hornpipe mishap, I’m pretty happy with my results and I had fun doing it.

This one is always special to me, because three years ago this was my very first feis after about a year of recreational dancing and where the madness all started. I’ve found a picture of myself from each of the three years (four feiseanna total), mostly creeping in the background of others’ photos since I don’t have a feis mom to document me. From little adult Beginner to now an &Over Prizewinner, I’ve come a long way! Though, I still need to work on my stage face.


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