Last Practice

Last practice before the feis tomorrow, anyway. I have tons of practice to do for probably the rest of my life!


First official use of almost finished home dance floor

Overall I’m still feeling (fairly) confident. I don’t have room for long runs in my basement, so I focused more on smaller pieces of my dances. I practiced my lifts and buttkicks for my leaps for my reel. I still can’t quite do a hanging leap, but I really want to get some good lift going and get as close as possible. It helped to warm up by doing a one-two-switch-switch and swinging up my leg as if to leap, but not actually switching legs. This is something we always do in drills class, and I think I will do it at the feis for warm up as well, maybe even just before I dance. I also worked on thinking about pointed toes and turnout/cross while also dancing.

I practiced some of my more intricate footwork for the slip jig. Again, worried about pointed toes and turnout/cross. I also tend to sickle my foot on my cuts. I worked a bit longer on this dance because I think this is the one I have a chance of moving up tomorrow. Not too long, though, because I’m in that place where there are definitely improvements to make, but I’m also as prepared as possible for tomorrow so there is no


I couldn’t find the artist’s name, but this is accurate.

point in over-practicing now. The additional work can be done in the next month leading up to another competition. I’ll just have to remember to concentrate on the pointed toes/all the things while I’m dancing at the feis – but on stage I usually just go into autopilot mode unfortunately.

I spent most of my time on my hard shoe, because I’m terrible. I decided since hornpipe is always at the end of class and I’m exhausted, it would be important to run my hornpipe straight through before getting too worn out. So I did, two and a quarter times, and I made it. The first time I had to abort because I kicked myself on a front click (ugh), the second time I made it all the way through but had some timing errors, and the third time was the charm. I practiced some rhythm sections after to try to get better with timing and beats. Again, it’s as good as it’s going to get for tomorrow.

Finally, the treble jig. As I was getting ready to dance, my fiancé came down to express his desire for dinner, then decided he was going to judge my treble jig. I actually made it through the whole thing without mistakes and even my beats sounded pretty good (for me, anyway). His response: aren’t you supposed to turn your feet out? Yes, my feet turn completely straight during hard shoe. Ugh. I went through again thinking only about turn out, then got a nice soliloquy about practice and muscle memory. It finally dawned on him that I have a competition Saturday and it obviously wouldn’t be fixed in a day, so he tried to reassure me. In the end…I’m not going to worry too much about turn out in order to get good beats and look comfortable and fluid, but on rhythm parts where I face front I will try to focus on turn out and cross.

And that’s a wrap. Today is the traditional rest-before-feis day, then tomorrow it’s go time!



One thought on “Last Practice

  1. Turn-out is a great thing in theory, but it takes a loooong time to actually get it, so don’t fret – you’ll do just fine!
    Break a leg tomorrow!


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