T-2 Days ‘Til Feis

Tuesday was my last dance class before competition this weekend. As always, there’s a lot of room for improvement, but overall I’m happy with where I’m sitting.

The hard shoe is more difficult than the soft shoe for most people in my class, so we ran through our start (always soft shoe) pretty quickly. Light jig went well for me, single jig went less well but still okay. Both are in Prizewinner and are not needed to qualify for Prelim, so I’m just doing them out of requirement now and not really putting forth much practice effort to improve. My teacher was pleased with everyone’s reel and we just did a couple times through with emphasis on pointing toes and keeping legs straight. My reel felt good in class with no major problems, so at the feis I’m going to focus on straight legs, pointed toes, and to a lesser degree turnout, and hope for the best. It’s always my worst soft shoe dance and I’ve only placed once out of five competitions and two specials since dropping down. Honestly, just placing out of the nine expected competitors would be an accomplishment.

Last soft shoe was the slip jig, which we spent a bit more time with. Pointed toes were again our biggest issue, so we ran through a few times with instruction to only focus on those. Our final time through we did a “recall”, which mimics a competition in that about ~50% of us are called back to do one more step down the line. I was part of the recall – shocking really considering how exhausted I was meaning my dancing wasn’t as good as it could have been. I didn’t win the sticker out of the three of us recalled (and a little sad I recalled because I needed a break). My teacher did say we all did well and it was hard to choose, but she went with the kid who was the most graceful as a slip jig should be (more flowing as opposed to the reel which is sharp and powerful). I usually grace it up okay so I’ll chalk that one up to being exhausted. I’ve been consistently placing in this dance my last few feiseanna, even second once, and it’s really the one dance I have any hope of moving up this weekend so I’m really going to try my best. There are just eight people signed up, though, so that means only a first place will move me up.

After the quick soft shoe session, it was time for lots of drilling on my weakness: hard shoe. We blew through traditional sets pretty quickly, and this is my other dance that I have in Prizewinner and doesn’t count for Prelim (whyyyy are those my only Prizewinner dances???), so I’m not particularly worried about my placing for that one anymore.

We worked mostly on the treble jig. For tap folk, trebles are similar to a shuffle – an out motion followed by an in. My trebles suck. I can’t do slow ones, my foot placement is wrong, and I can’t balance. My teacher said it’s probably the number one thing I need to work on. Fortunately I now have a dance floor so I can do so, but in the meantime I’ll have to fake it at the feis because bad muscle memory is a hard thing to break. I normally do a decent job on my treble jig, and there are 11 people signed up, so if everyone attends a 2nd place would do for moving it up.

I was dying during my hornpipe as per usual. We all went down the line due to many having timing problems. My teacher said it was okay but choppy for me, as in each piece did not flow well to the next, and it may have been due to having just recently learned the new step. I had a surprise 2nd place in my hornpipe last feis, and I’m hoping to keep the momentum as there are 10 people signed up which would make 2nd place count for moving up.

Overall, I’m going to practice once more tonight with a Friday night rest but I’m hopeful for a good feis this weekend. If I can place my reel and/or move up at least one dance, it will be a very awesome feis. If I can just keep from falling on my butt, as always that would be great too! But I’d really, really like to move up at least one of the four dances that actually count for getting into Prelim Champ level.

To finish, a quick glimpse into Irish dancer competition life – my leg tan is in progress for Saturday:



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