Drill Baby Drill

Work has finally slowed down a bit and I feel like I can get back to blogging. As I keep trying to up my training regimen, and failing, I’m hoping that staying accountable via blogging to my one loyal reader (hi Dork!) will help.

Some highlights from the last couple weeks:

  • My Irish teacher says my turnout is noticeably improved, and even used me as an example to the other Novice kids that I was “trying really hard and getting better turn out even though her feet turn in naturally so you can do it too.”
    • To be fair, this only applies to soft shoe. She notes my feet turn back in for hard shoe. Still, progress! I’m slightly pigeon toed and really need to concentrate to keep my feet turned out.
  • Last week in Novice/Prizewinner class there were only 4 of us, so we had a little contest for each dance. I was the Light Jig, Treble Jig, and Actually Remembered The Steps to Job of Journeywork That We Learned champion. I don’t care if it’s lame, I love being a sticker recipient in class with my fellow ten year olds.
  • My teacher says my bangs are much louder…now just to get my trebles louder too.
  • I’ve noticed some improvements with speed in my legs, though that still comes and goes.
  • I finally made it back to ballet class this past weekend after a month off for travel, performing, and competing. I did well and it was a super encouraging class.

And now, getting back to the post’s title: drills class last night.

Being a holiday there were only 6 of us in class, which for drills class is very…painful…due to an increased amount of dance and decreased rest time. My teacher was great about giving us some much needed breaks, though!

I thought my stamina was a bit better in class, which is wonderful, though there is a lot of room for improvement there still. Or maybe we just got more breaks than normal? I did a bit better with speediness in switches (which lead into tricks like leaps) and in one of our more difficult cross key drills. Hard shoe was particularly painful though because I’m breaking in new shoes. While the short (~15 min) amount of hard shoe drill time made wearing them possible, I could barely do anything towards the end of the class. Today I’m wearing athletic sandals at work because real shoes are not an option while breaking in dance shoes, and I may or may not be able to give them a go for class tonight. Prepare for tomorrow’s blister update.


Bonus: I led a performance a couple weekends ago. The kids were great minus one catastrophic wig meltdown (they’re kids after all!) and we were very well received by the festival where we danced. We had two performances – the first was on the main performance area and our full 30 min show, the second was in a back parking lot and a reduced 15 min show. After our first performance, though, they liked us so much they upgraded us to another full length show and left us in the main performance area. After, one of the moms bought me Thai Iced Tea ice cream. It was amazing. You must find and try it. It reminded me of bubble tea in Taiwan, but in ice cream form.


Bonus 2: Sneak peak at my home dance floor! I’m about halfway done building it.




One thought on “Drill Baby Drill

  1. Hi! ❤
    Looks like you've been super-busy! Improvements always feel so nice, don't they? I admire you for taking class with the younger students – I'm not sure I could! I'm not particularly comfortable around more than one child at once.
    Having your own dance floor sounds awesome!

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