A Ballet Pick-me-up

I finally returned to ballet this morning after three Saturdays off due to St. Patrick’s Day and illness. I was very happy to get back to the ballet studio and had a great time!

We did all our usual exercises: plié, relevé, and tendu warm ups, dégagé, piqué, tendu into fondu, rond de jambe, frappé, grand battement, and some extra pliés and relevés thrown in to many combinations. Nothing particularly intense to the average ballet dancer, but I am still just in fundamentals (the class before beginner), so we’re still learning! We also did some tendu/plié/relevé and a waltz step while in center. The waltz step was super basic – we even did it in 6th position. But after a few odd times of practicing the waltz step in class I’m starting to feel more comfortable with it.

The best part of today, besides seeing my classmates again, was I actually did well. After a tough time in Irish this week, I actually got some praise in ballet today. Including for – gasp – good straight legs! It was the confidence boost I needed heading into Irish again next week.


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