I Survived

An hour and a half long recital, ten performances across almost twelve hours, and four additional mini performances later, St. Patrick’s Day has officially come to a close.

My team did an amazing job. Considering most of them were around ten to twelve years old or younger, they kept it together well and we only had some very minor hiccups. All venues more or less received us well. I think some of our best audiences were the elementary school (our first show at 9am) and the last bar (7:30pm). The school was a lot of fun because we had one of our beginner dancers join us who attends that school, and we got to feature her in a solo and had them give extra applause at the end. We also danced at a preschool with some very, very small children who were absolutely enthralled. I heard all the other teams (including the three other teams from my studio) had a wonderful time, and total our school had 225 performances across two states!

I took a nice epsom salt soak on Friday, but didn’t bother on Saturday and I really should have bothered! Even class last night was still a bit tough on the feet.

Now that the madness is over, it’s time to focus again on competition and my own training. I’m looking forward to a likely return to ballet class this Saturday, and I need to get moving to finish building out my home studio. We ran into a snag with the plywood floor because the pieces were too big to fit through the tiny basement landing, so in addition to buying final supplies I must also borrow some equipment to cut the boards in half so we can fit them through the door. Tiny basement landing continues to be a curse upon our plans for using the basement!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.08.38 AM

I was dying towards the end of my last performance!



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