Jelly Legs

A three hour practice + forgetting my toe pads = sad dancer feet.

Despite my lapse in toe pad judgment, the rehearsal went extremely well. Not just for me, but for our entire studio. Our teacher even told us that it was the best we’ve ever looked, and this is our seventh year of St. Patrick’s performances and third year for our recital.

The adults aren’t in much of the first act, so we took the time to practice our special



numbers at the end of the first/beginning of the second acts. Our ceili went far better than last Thursday, so I’m much less worried about that. We may end up giving each other verbal cues on stage Sunday, but at least we aren’t bumping into each other because someone goes the wrong direction. We ran through the hour long show twice during practice, plus some additional practice in between, so I was very sore when I got home and a foot soak was a must. Overall, though, I’d say we’re ready! I’m also really excited that my 2-hand reel choreography that I created with a fellow adult student will be featured in the show.

Yesterday was my regular novice/prizewinner class, and we did a combination of solos and team dances. My feet and legs were still a bit sore/painful from Monday’s practice, so I was having trouble putting in full effort. However, it was a very good class. I have a few things to work on and I’m not sure how to do it in the next couple weeks due to St. Patrick’s Day, but hopefully I’ll find the time/space. My punch is too fast in my first step of my reel and I’m getting off time (along with everyone else) with a new update to our second step of the treble jig. My teacher took out a part of the reel that had been vexing me, though, so I’m very excited about the new update! It just wasn’t good choreography, so I’m glad she changed what the school directors gave her. We also did a lot of stepping through the hornpipe which was extremely helpful. However…there is a lot of left leg work to do still.

Today is a rest day from dance, and my feet are absolutely thrilled.


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