Normal Operations May Suspend in the Wake of St. Patrick’s Day

If I only update erratically, or not at all, don’t despair – I’ve simply fallen into the hole that is St. Patrick’s Day. ‘Tis the season!shamrock-stpatrick_82r

After four dance classes last week (St. Pat’s practice, regular novice/prizewinner class, adult class for St. Pat’s, and ballet) I amazingly still love dancing, but it’s only going to keep ramping up from here.

Show practice went very well last week. We had time to run the show twice and hit the few areas that need tweaking on top of that. It’s not perfect, but we’re sitting pretty and I’m hopeful my team will do an excellent job. Regular class went well too. After my feis results the previous weekend I have been determined to work hardest on turnout and cross. I have a long way to go but I’ve already progressed over the previous few years and I will continue to do so. Adult class was also enjoyable. I hated how late it was (I didn’t get home until almost 10pm), but it was nice to be back with my adults again and not be the worst dancer in class for once! We practiced our special adult-only numbers for the recital.

Speaking of…it’s all about to start! This Sunday is our parade followed by our recital, and that’s followed Friday by 9 (!) shows from 9am to 8pm, then a couple performances on Saturday. Dancing legs, give me strength! I had 12 e-mails about show stuff yesterday. That’s fewer total shows than last year, but I think it’s because St. Patrick’s Day is on a Friday instead of the middle of the week. Seems like there is less interest in having us the weekend before/after, but we’re completely booked the day of.

To round out this healthy complaining (don’t we all have a love/hate relationship with St. Patrick’s Day?), it really frustrates me when we’re doing a dance like a ceili, which is SO DEPENDENT on you knowing your own spot and carrying your own weight for the team, and someone continually screws it up. It’s fine if we’re just having fun in class, but I get frustrated when we’re practicing for a performance and someone’s continued poor dancing/ability to know where to be on stage throws off the whole team. I’m really hoping it goes better tonight and the culprit practiced over the weekend, because I think it’s very embarrassing to have a ceili fall apart on stage. It’s like that time in middle school band where our director stopped and restarted one of our pieces because there was no salvaging how badly it went off the first time.


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