Sticker Love!

I’m officially not to old to appreciate a sticker as a reward for good work! I got two on Tuesday, one in slip jig and one in hornpipe.

We did a combination of practice for St. Patrick’s Day and solos practice in Tuesday class. The Fairy Reel still makes my old lady feet hurt, but I made it through, and my solo reel is starting to come along well. Now that I can finally do punches, the update to the first step is solid. The second step is a bit more shaky, but we drilled the new end piece a while and it’s starting to get better. I just need to concentrate more on keeping my legs straight and snappy.

For slip jig, we practiced with arm motions again that will be used for performances. I’m only doing the second steps for St. Patrick’s Day, and I still have a hard time coming out of the turn on my left leg and into the leap when doing the arm motions. We did a step down the line after practicing slip jig, and I was honorable mention after the top two for arm motion. Ballet is coming in handy yet again!

Of course, no class would be complete without hard shoe, my nemesis. I can tell the dances are starting to improve in general, which is good, but I’m still not happy about it. I really need to get my practice space built at the new house! We did a Novice vs. Prizewinner buttkick competition for our hornpipes and the Novices somehow won. I got most of my buttkicks in, but I still can’t move my legs fast enough on a fast treble hop back/toe to kick my butt on the way down.

Performance practice on Monday went great as well. My teacher thinks my team will be ready to run the entire show next week, which is unprecedented. The little champs are still having a hard time keeping a straight line or knowing where they need to be in relation to each other on stage, but the beginners and adults are all doing pretty well. One of the Beginner 2’s is dead set on being able to do some hard shoe in the shows, so I sat down with her after class to write down the set part of St. Patrick’s Day (the set dance) so she can practice at home. I remember how badly I wanted to do hard shoe my first St. Patrick’s Day too, so I’d like to see her succeed. Now that I’m older, though, sometimes I wouldn’t mind sitting out the hard shoe numbers!


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