Cross Training Ramp Up

Now that I’ve settled in with three dance classes a week (2 Irish, 1 ballet), the time has come to incorporate my cross training! I’ve been adding to my training load slowly since the beginning of the year to avoid the burn out of too much training at once.

Yesterday was my first run. Due to my backslide, I’m starting right where I did a year ago (oh dear, 2016 feels like a waste) with my intervals. I walked to a little reservoir near my house that has a nice 0.6 mile (~1 km for my metric friends) dirt path around it. It has been beautifully warm around here the last couple days. A bit of wind, sunny, and 50 F (10 C) when I was out. Fortunately no sunburn despite forgetting my sunblock! I did 10 sets of 2 min running, 2 min walking, My heart rate recovered fairy well for the first 8 sets, down to around 130 bpm or less by the end of each walking interval, but the last 2 I could only get down to around 140 bpm. I’m not sure if the path is more flat than the one I used to run before moving, or if by some miracle I’m in better shape than a few months ago, but I was pleased with how it all went.

No photos, but the trail had a gorgeous view of the mountains. I avoided all geese, and even saw some sea gulls (who are a long, long way from the sea!). Also saw a kestrel perched nearby.


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