Let the Madness Begin!

Last night officially began our first St. Patrick’s Day practice! Overall I was really happy with how my team did. There are a few champs who need to get their head in the game and pay attention to proper positioning on stage/when to come out/how to stay in a line, but the littles were well-behaved enough and the adults are great. We actually ran the entire show in our 1.5 hours of practice, which is unheard of for the first practice of the season.

I hope the champs will come along quickly. They definitely have the capability, but I think because they focus so much on the competition side they can have trouble transitioning from solo competitions to group performances. Especially my champs, we only have one ~20 year old and the rest are only 10 to 13 years old. On the competition stage, you’re really only worried about yourself and where you’re positioned. When you’re performing, you need to worry about where you are in relation to everyone else, how to cohesively blend in with the group, and express more emotion/artistry than just flawless technique.

Of course I was dying during the last hard shoe number. I managed to maintain my weight instead of gain during my ~2 week break (I’m not much of a stick-to-it type I guess), but I really want to be in shape for March. Leading a team gives me a higher feeling of responsibility to be on top of my game.

Overall, there’s a lot to polish, but I think my team is in good starting shape and I’m looking forward to the shows!


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