Return to the Studio

This week I returned to our beautiful, newly expanded Irish dance studio. I felt like a bum being out of town and unable to help with the construction work for prepping the new addition to our studio space, but I am certainly enjoying the results. We used to have a large studio (~950 sq ft), small studio (380 sq ft), and tiny waiting/entrance space that was only about 60 sq ft, or smaller than a mid-size bedroom. As our classes grew, you can imagine it was difficult to fit 20 students plus their doting parents who insisted on making sure young Jenny tied her shoes right or needed to know what steps Kevin needs to work on at home and no, that simply cannot wait until we’re cleared out of the waiting area and beginning class inside the studio. We also couldn’t fit in a line across the back in the big studio anymore for many classes and needed two lines for drills. Our teacher has grown the studio so much in only four years!

We finally expanded into the neighboring space though, and now our small studio has become the new, spacious, amazing waiting room and our big studio is now the small one! I loved being in the new, bigger studio but I especially loved being in the big waiting room.

I was also able to get plywood, foam, and floor covering leftovers for my home studio I plan to build for a grand total of $90, saving about $300. Now I just need lumber for the framing, a glassless mirror, a ballet barre, and some foam squares for the non-dance workout area and I’ll be set in that room!

This blog is about my dancing, though, so back to that. The return to Irish went okay, but I could tell I had been off for a few weeks based on how winded I got. It was difficult to hornpipe by the end of class, and I need to remember my toe pads next time for sure! Overall, I was happy to be back, I was not completely disappointed in myself, but my exhaustion level tells me (a) I need to get back to running and (b) I’m happy I decided to postpone my next feis until February.



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