Back to Dance!

Now that the holiday type season is over and I’m officially, completely out of my apartment and in my new house (eee!!!!), I can slowly but surely start focusing on dance again in the midst of my unpacking madness.

I kicked off the year right by dancing in an Irish pub for New Year’s Eve! After counting down the Irish New Year (5pm our time, but midnight Irish time), we performed two shows. We dance in this pub often for St. Patrick’s Day, but this was my first time at a different time of the year and it was a fun experience. Two of the adult dancers from our studio, one who hasn’t been taking classes lately, were there to visit with between shows as well. The pub was completely packed, which is no different than St. Pat’s except most of the pub was actually watching the show, which is quite different! It was a great way to start the year.


Champagne toast at Irish midnight, just before taking the stage. Another advantage of being an adult in Irish dance!


Irish classes don’t begin until this coming week, but ballet was back on Saturday. It was fantastic to be in my other studio again, despite the cold and snow! A few familiar faces and a few new ones (to me, not the class) made for an enjoyable time. We focused mainly on isolating movements. For example, when doing a dégagé, the rest of your body or standing leg should not shift, but the working leg should lift seemingly effortlessly while the rest of the body does not adjust for the movement. I put substantial effort into that. I also received a compliment on my articulation through ronde de jamb, which made me gloriously happy.

The next feis is in January, but I will probably skip it due to a work trip the prior week which makes it difficult and probably not worth it, but then there should be a double feis (two feiseanna in one weekend) in February. Unlike last year when I danced at the Adult level, it should be worth attending both days!


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