Staying With It through the Home Stretch

The universe doesn’t want me to train, I’m convinced. Not right now, anyway.

It’s been difficult to stick with my already scaled-back training. I’ve been having some weird physical symptoms that make me feel nervous (I’m the “slight pain = cancer” type) and lethargic. These are most likely physical manifestations of anxiety, but it’s been a bad week.

For the most part I’ve been sticking to a reduced-calorie diet and seeing the results slowly but surely, which I’m sure will help all aspects of my well-being. I took my drills, teams, and solo classes for Irish last week, skipped champ class, and took ballet. No running last Sunday but that was for the best with how I was feeling.

Drills and teams night is always tough, but I had my worst time in solo class last Tuesday.


Turns out this is not sufficient to prevent foot pain and blisters.

I have a perma-blister/callous on my left heel from my hard shoes that just won’t let me be great, and I get very very winded very very easily. It will take time to overcome, but in the meantime it feels pretty demoralizing.

Ballet was tough too. We have a substitute teacher while the regular teacher is knee-deep in Nutcracker rehearsals. On one hand, it’s very helpful to have different teachers as their different style, methods, or class objectives may speak to you more than your regular teacher, and something may “click”. On the other hand, doing things different = hard! We did a lot of 5th (or 3rd, if you prefer) position which was great for me because Irish, but we also did a lot more arms which is impossible for me, because Irish. After my disastrous arms and trying to keep up with the fastest rond de jambe’s (1 count for a full circle instead of our normal 2), we did a waltz step in center that was just beyond me. But I learned some nice things about turn out mechanics, and our reverance at the end was jumps in 5th…which was very similar to Irish switching jumps! I was all about that.

The title mentions home stretch, and I do hope I’m in it. We close on our house on Thursday, will do a few updates before I take off for Christmas, then I should be moving in the first week of January. Back to my hobbies after that – meaning dance training resumes in force!


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