Coming back…slowly

Two months since my last post? Time flies when you’re adulting hard!

As I mentioned in the previous post, a lot was starting to happen in my life and something had to give. That something was dance. I didn’t completely check out for two months, but I did miss a ton of classes, gained a couple pounds, and generally let my fitness go on the downslide. It’s hard to stay on track with a job and other adult responsibilities! To summarize an update:

  • Previous status: Starting the hunt for a house, trying to plan a wedding, leading a project at work where I couldn’t get the powers that be to sign the stupid contract for us to start, and self-soothing via wine and food because trying to fit anything else in my brain was too much to handle
  • Current status: We passed the last hurdle for house-buying yesterday and should be on schedule to close next week, we pushed the wedding back to spring of 2018 due to low venue availability in fall 2017 plus the stress of trying to plan and have a reception venue booked, I got a pre-spend authority to start work, and I finally have the mental energy to clean my apartment, pack, eat better, and dance

I kicked things off with reducing my calorie intake on Saturday and running on Sunday. It was very very VERY tough because the wind was blowing like crazy! We were getting gusts to 40 mph (64 km/hr;17 m/s for my metric friends) and the first half of my run was squarely into the wind. Between that and my general lack of being in shape, it was more of a shuffle/walk than running intervals. But I finished my 2 min run/2 min walk intervals all 10 times and my heart rate recovered okay through the first 7 and not as well in the last 3. I’ll be keeping with the 2 min run/2 min walk without reducing the walk intervals until probably January, once we’ve moved into the house and my training calendar that I planned to stick to last year, but didn’t, swings around again. Then I’ll begin reducing the walking intervals as stipulated in the training plan. Even though I got further in my interval reduction this past summer, I was having a lot of trouble getting myself to recover during the shorter walks so building a better base first might do me some good.


It was too windy and cold during my run to bother taking a picture, so here’s my rice and veggies.

Meal prep Sunday made a comeback this week too. My mother-in-law made an entire turkey and only took the breast meat to Thanksgiving dinner, so she generously gave me the rest. For meal prep I just cooked up some rice and frozen veggies, then added some pre-cooked turkey to it. Took less than an hour, I have lunches for the entire week, and they’re a nice amount of calories and macro ratio.

I’d been sporadically going to my dance classes, but not faithfully. The regional Oireachtas is over and so is the Thanksgiving class break, so now is a great time to return to faithful attendance. Last night was drills and teams classes. While I did struggle, particularly towards the end of hard shoe and the very end of my two hours, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting and I’m looking forward to tonight’s class even though the kids will dance rings around me. I was particularly happy with my progress in my leaps and my leg placement and turnout during warm ups. Now if only I could maintain that turnout while trying to dance too…

With the house nearly purchased and the wedding not til 2018 (and a venue finally booked!), I can make the coming year my year to really progress in dance. I’d love to get all my dances into the Prizewinner level by the end of 2017. My teacher may have me lead one of our St. Patrick’s day performance teams, which feels like a big deal. And I’m hoping, with the wedding pushed back, that I’ll be at a level where I can attend my first major next year – the regional Oireachtas.