Last Feis of the Year

I had my second regular/non-adult feis yesterday. Overall I guess I should be happy, though I can’t help but be disappointed. Of my 7 dance I got 2 second places, Light Jig (moved up to Prizewinner) and my Prizewinner Single Jig. So while that’s good…those are also dances that don’t matter for getting into champ level!

A big part of the disappointment is that I felt like I did well on my reel (1 point away from placing, grrr) and my slip jig (not even close to placing, 4 points off). I did have a slight mistake at the beginning of my dance, but that was only because the dancer who had just finished was in my way so I couldn’t complete my leap.

But at least my comments had a bit of variety from last time, which was across the board turnout. I did get a couple turnout comments, but also some arches and completing my ups in the back (butt kicks). Cross was another comment. I have trouble keeping the crossing on long runs (for my ballet readers, that means maintaining an exaggerated fifth position for most of the time). And my hard shoe was just bad – in small part due to the very very VERY slippery stages. Polish footwork/timing were my two comments for those, and I think hornpipe was one of the turnout comments too.

The biggest sadness, though, is that I just haven’t been putting the time into dance training. I had a lot going on in terms of not being well (urgent care a couple weeks ago – so much not fun!), end of the fiscal year making work a bear, etc. etc. etc. But I have three months until my next feis, and I want to be ready.


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