Ballet, Irish Dance, and Polish Food

Saturday started off with my triumphant return to ballet class after missing three weeks. There were only four of us, and I’m a bit surprised there are fewer of us now than during the summer session. Maybe old folks have more responsibilities during the fall? I wouldn’t know…I’m out of school and no kids for me! Just a grumpy cat.

I was really happy to get back to ballet. It’s incredibly enjoyable with a fun class, and I’m still hopeful as I make strides in ballet I’ll see an improvement in Irish. We learned a new move: pas de chat. What a fun step! This is pretty much the only ballet thing I’ve gotten from the get-go and it’s very fun to dance. I might start pas de chat-ing around the office when I need a break.


We also worked on turns by doing a plié, popping up into a coupe with the foot up to the knee (is there a different term for this?), then doing a half turn. I’m not sure if this has a name, but I think it’s basically a half pirouette. Missing: any semblance of balance. I fell over ever time.

After ballet class, I glammed up and headed to a performance with my Irish dance studio. It


I’m the purple blob on stage.

was the typical 30 min show, and it was WARM, so I’m glad I had socks instead of tights! Performances are always fun, even if the audience ends up being mostly the kid dancers’ families. I had fun hanging out with my adult friends and I’m still way too happy to have my solo dress back.

Wrapping up a great day of dancing was meeting up with friends. After a quick hefeweizen after dancing (one of the best things about being an Adult Irish dancer), we headed out for dinner. The Thai restaurant was closed, which was amazing because I then discovered there is POLISH FOOD nearby! One of the biggest problems moving out west is the lack of Polish people and their awesome culture. I had zurek (rye soup with sausage, potato, and egg), plotki (potato pancakes), and I took home a paczek (a sort of Polish donut common in the time before Lent) to share with the boyfriend as I always wanted him to try one. I also split a Zywiec porter with one of my friends. It was very, very good, but also very thick and strong.

Thus ended my journey through France, Ireland, and Poland yesterday.


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