I’m Officially a Novice

Yesterday was my first feis after dropping down from Adult to &Over grades.20160911_151639

Overall it went alright. I really liked being in regular competition and being able to wear socks instead of tights! It made me feel more official, rather than a random old person doing this for the heck of it. Some of the kids even talked with me, too. And my fellow adults had their competitions at the same time, so it was nice to be able to chat with them too.

My dress had been altered to fit right, my socks and leg tan were on point, there were no sock glue disasters, and I didn’t forget any of my (new!) steps. In general I felt like I danced pretty well, and I felt like I blended into the Novice level and didn’t belong the next level down. I only placed in three dances, but that included moving up my Single Jig to Prizewinner.

I tried not to be disappointed with only three placements. I mean, I did move up a dance already, and was 2nd out of 13 people! It’s expected that it’s now harder to earn medals with real competition in larger numbers. My mantra was “be not last place in at least one dance” and “one medal would be the icing on the cake”, but I was still a bit disappointed. Competing in Adults, with small numbers, got me used to being bummed by less than a medal in every dance. And I really though my Light Jig and Slip Jig were good enough for a medal, especially Light Jig. But in the end I think I’m most disappointed that I didn’t prepare as well as I could have done.

Take a look for yourself. I’ve spent the summer skipping dance classes, not doing my cross training, and not watching my nutrition. Maybe it’s a miracle that I did as well as I did considering how unprepared I was. My training was pretty sporadic and sad. And I’ve been almost completely checked out nutrition-wise.


So while there were positive things about the feis, it was also a definite wake up call. If I want to get the results I expect and desire, I need to put in the time and effort. The excuses need to stop, and the consistency needs to begin.

But I’ve said all this before, so I hope I mean it this time.


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