Gear + Collage = Ready to Rock!

Although I’m not up to my desired training levels, I’ve made good progress this week. I’ve been tracking my calories, got two good dance classes in, and been up on my environmental preparations (mostly groceries and cleaning, but soon to include food prep and other time saving measures).

I’m going to keep ramping up by the week, and what better to motivate me than new gear! After my heart rate issues during my last run, I checked into my heart rate monitor and saw a lot of bad reviews, including poor accuracy. When I purchased it several years ago (2011?), it was just a combination of conveniently available in the store and not too expensive. I decided I wanted something with better reviews and potential better accuracy. After some searching, I decided to go with the Polar FT4. Unboxing below!

I wasn’t planning to run this Sunday, but I might do it just to try out my new gear!

Another motivation tool I decided to try out was a wall collage. I put it on my bedroom wall so I can see it first thing in the morning to remind myself that my goals are more important than instant gratification (skipping workouts, eating too much, general laziness). I have some inspirational photos and quotes, as well as different goals I’ve set to cross off as I achieve them. While some goals are unrealistic (like recalling at Worlds), I’m a believer in aiming far in order to push yourself. If I aim for a Worlds recall, I might make it into Open.

I need to redo the photos as there was an issue with my printer, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.



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