Current Status

I’ve been terrible about updating the blog! I’ve been in a bit of a funk recently and I’m not sure why. I’ll be going on a vacation next week, so I’m not sure if I’ll make any updates again for a couple weeks, but here’s a current status on my training.


I haven’t done any home practice the past week, but I did attend my weekly class last week and will be again tonight. We learned the second step of the (way too hard prelim champ) slip jig and worked on the treble jig some more. I’m feeling pretty good about my treble jig as it’s mostly pieces of the old one, just in a different order, and I always scored well on that dance. The slip jig we’ll have to see. My teacher will give me guidance as to how I’m doing or if I should learn/compete a different one. I’m definitely doing better with the moves, and the second step was easier than the first. I might get it by September. I’m not sure how class will go tonight as we’re learning third steps and since I’m in Novice and not going to Oireachtas, there’s no reason for me to learn a third step.

In related news, I’m taking my dress in soon for some alterations and I have plans to add bling! Right now it’s a little tight in the shoulders and dropped waist, I have to pull it on over my head which is terrible for hair and makeup, and it has no crystals aside from the number clip I made myself. I’m looking forward to a better fit and some bling.

Cross Training


I skipped this last week. I don’t really have an excuse, I just got lazy. I’m going to try for it this week since I’m out of town all next week, but we’ll see. Seems I always say that but never make it happen.


No run the previous Sunday as I had an all day activity. I did run this past Sunday, which was my 1:20 break week. I…didn’t make it. My heart rate was high before I even hit the trail and it freaked me out. My legs felt so terribly heavy and I was working so hard to try to keep my heart rate down. Since it didn’t recover much between intervals, there was just nowhere to go when I started running. I made it normally through 6 intervals, took an extra minute walking rest, then got about halfway through interval 7 before giving up and just walking the rest of the way back to my car. My heart rate came back down once I’d rested, thankfully, so I don’t know what the deal was. Stress from traffic, dehydration, it was too hot out, who knows. I still think the single best thing I could do to improve my performance is lose the extra weight.


Still hit or miss here. Last week I had 9k-10k steps 4 days out of the week, but my other 3 days I only hit 3500. The last couple days haven’t been very close to 10k either.


Saturday was my third ballet class. I was very pumped up after my second ballet class about all the possibilities for improving both ballet and my Irish dancing. The third class, though, was frustrating. I experienced something similar with Irish though in that my second Irish class was so incredibly frustrating trying to keep up. Clearly that ended well, and I’m still excited to stick with ballet. The teacher thinks it could be great for my turnout and hip stability – particularly the IT band tightness, and I totally concur. One of the greatest things is I’m moving in all directions, not just the few used in Irish, and I think that will be great for flexibility and my performance as well. I’m strugglebussing trying to point backwards or use my arms and head motions, but even that will be useful come performances!

One great thing about my ballet teacher is that she has given me instructions for exercising to increase my hip stability, which a lack thereof is what makes me list to one side when balancing on one leg. I’m so glad I found a studio with a great adult program, because I really think ballet is one of the greatest cross training activities I’ve tried.

The vocabulary of ballet is still taking some work, and I don’t always understand what the teacher is saying. But I’m getting there and have learned some new words:

  • First and second position arms
  • Coupé: The foot is curled around the calf with leg raised, knee bent, and turned out
  • Effacé: Turned slightly to the side, but both hips still visible from the front
  • Croisé: Like effacé except the legs are crossed from the front view rather than open from the front view
  • Demi-plié: Like a plié except only going down halfway compared to the plié
  • Relevé: Rising up on toes from a position where both toes and heels are on the floor
  • En croix: Doing an exercise to the front, the side, the back, and then the same side again

I’m sure I’ve heard more, but I haven’t retained it all yet!


This one is a tale of the good and the bad!

From July 11 to July 25, I did a great job of tracking my calories and with the exception of one day, I hit my daily goal. I was so happy with myself, dropped to my lowest weight in the past year, and hit 5 pounds lost!

From July 26 to today, I’ve only counted and properly hit my target one of those days. The good news is I’m still almost 5 pounds down from my highest weight. I weighed myself this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see I was only up 1 pounds from my lowest on the 21st. I’m going to try to get it together and get back on tracking for the rest of the week, not worry about it much over my vacation, then buckle down again when I get back.


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