Plodding Along at 5 mph

I’ve slowly been working through my cross training. As I mentioned a few days ago, I did take a break to get my act together in other areas of my training/life, but I did some work previously and another run Sunday.

I’m very behind on my weight training – I missed the last two weeks! Unfortunately I didn’t get on it this past week as I wanted. No excuse really, I just prioritized other activities.


Squat and rows are barbell weight, others are weight of each dumbbell

Sunday marked a halfway point in my conditioning running. As soon as I hit the trail that morning I could tell it would be a tough one. Apparently eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns weren’t good running fuel! I knew it was a bad idea, but my lovely boyfriend made me breakfast so how could I resist? After the run, I thanked him again profusely but told him I can’t eat like that on running morning anymore.

(L) Caught a picture of the giant white flower (R) A slightly different perspective of the trail than usual

Overall my recovery between runs was pretty poor, with my heart rate staying higher than previous weeks (in the low 150s as opposed to in the low 130s). However, after a little research it seems that if I stick with this training I should start seeing improvements with my heart rate taking longer to elevate and recovering more quickly between sets.

I’ve been slightly improving on my walking the past week than the week previous, but I’m still falling short of my 10k step goal most days. Been around 8k most days recently though, which isn’t too bad.


I still haven’t managed to add in my other cross training: core and flexibility/mobility. I’m hoping to do so soon but for now I’d like to focus on sticking with my main cross training activities. That continues to be enough of a struggle. Even though I do feel motivated, it can be hard convincing myself that I can and should do so much exercise. And when I’m tired after a day of work…that I do really want to train.


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