Back in the Studio

Last night was my first day back in the studio after the two week break for the North American Championships and summer workshop (clearly I didn’t attend either). It was challenging yet great to be back!

Summer workshop is the time of year my studio ditches almost all of the old choreography and we need to learn new steps. After drills (I’m so close to being able to do a punch with my left foot) it was time to work on the new soft shoe dances. I was in class with Prizewinners and Champs, so even though I’m not going to Oireachtas this year I was grouped with the Senior Ladies and worked on slip jig. A Prelim Champ level slip jig. I am in Novice. It was tough. I got fairly close to being able to do the choreography though, so perhaps with some work this week I’ll be able to dance it on the right foot at least by next Tuesday.

While I’m having trouble nailing one of the turns, another issue is the step ends with a new move for me: a birdie. A birdie is basically a leap except instead of switching feet, you land back on the same foot. I find it more difficult than a leap because landing on my jumping foot limits the amount of time in the air I have to kick my butt. I might end up needing a modification.


A birdie

After slip jigs we moved on to hard shoe and I worked on the new treble jig. Prizewinners had a different choreography than Prelims fortunately, and it was much easier to pick up. I learned both the first and second steps and they’re quite similar to my old treble jig, same rhythm parts but in different orders. The biggest issue with this one is continued struggling to treble properly with my left foot and trying to retrain the muscle memory of my old jig!

Overall it was wonderful to be in class again. I could feel improvements I have made over the past year and have a ton of things to work on to better myself. And hopefully the pain in my toe is only temporary…


My view leaving class last night. Great end to a great evening.


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