Cross Training Update

I’m still trying to work myself into keeping on schedule with my cross training. Slowly, I’m getting more in the groove. Having to dance against the kids in 75 days is motivating.

So far I’ve been sticking to weight training and running and haven’t incorporated flexibility and core yet. I’ve done my weight training session the past two weeks, and the goal is to do about 16 weeks of sessions, increasing the weight each time an exercise is done while decreasing the number of reps to encourage heavier weights. This is based on New Rules of Lifting, except only once a week instead of 3 times a week as suggested in Lauren Early‘s book.

Not much weight yet, but I’m working on it. Only squats and dead lifts are barbell weight, while the rest are the weight of an individual dumbbell. The “60 lbs” for push ups actually means 60 degrees.



I also did my second run today. It was SO HOT out! I wish I had hit the trail earlier. First few runs and recoveries went well, but I was having trouble recovering towards the end and keeping my heart rate down in the walking segments. Still some work to do, but hopefully following my program will get me there. I was dancing horribly by the last dance of our show on Saturday, and I know speeding up my recovery ability will help with that.


Even though it was hot, it was a beautiful day on the trail. The grass is starting to turn brown given that it’s been 90-100 deg F most days the last couple weeks, but there were still a ton of wild flowers growing. I wish I had a chance to stop and take some flower pictures, but Irish dance training waits for no one! There were some especially large white flowers that were gorgeous. The meadowlarks were out in force and singing beautifully, and I even saw a coyote in the grass today. That was much more unnerving than the beautiful meadowlark song!


I’m also trying to keep up with getting enough steps. I’m not making my 10k goal each day, so there’s definite room for improvement. But I’m working on keeping it up and hope to start making my daily goals.



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