Feis Report

A resounding “meh” from the feis yesterday. My dancing was okay, and I was pretty middle of the pack all around. On one hand, it’s good that I’m holding my own in Prizewinner. On the other hand, how the hell am I going to do in regular age grades if I can’t score better in Adult? I’m not sure if the fact that others in the group have been dancing 8 to 10 years compared to my 3 is a comfort or an excuse. Probably a bit of both.

We were being rushed to make room for the champs and had to be in a gym with competing music from the figures. Overall a negative experience and none of us were happy. The numbers were good for my competitions, though, so that was a positive!

Breakdown by dance:

  • Reel: No place out of 8. I always get nervous on this one and definitely flubbed the first few steps of the dance. One point behind 4th, the last place awarded.
  • Light Jig: Happy with this one, 2nd of 8. Very happy about my “good turn out” comment from the judge!
  • Slip Jig: Was *not* happy that the musician flubbed this music! Another group even had to restart, but the other girl and myself needed to persevere. 5th place out of 9.
  • Single Jig: I felt fairly good with this one, 3rd of 7.
  • Double Jig: Oh no, I had to dance alone at the end of the line! I usually like to have other dancers cover my lack of good hard shoe beats, but still got 3rd of 7.
  • Hornpipe: This one felt weak. I went with the traditional speed, even though I don’t do that dance very well, because I knew it was a throwaway even with the slow hornpipe so there was no point in exhausting myself. No place of 5, 1 point behind 3rd.
  • Traditional Set: This went okay, 3rd of 6. Another comment about my poor rocks, but at least I kept my right foot turned out!
  • Treble Reel Special: I dance this okay, but not very well. I knew I wouldn’t place and indeed I didn’t. 1 point behind 4th place, out of 7.
  • 2 Hand Jig: 1st of 1! We were really hoping for some competition, but I think we danced it well anyway and I did an impressively fast costume switch between my solo dress and my black team outfit.

My main comments were to stay on my toes in soft shoe, some issues with turnout, and apparently I wasn’t keeping my knees together in my hard shoe. Overall I didn’t feel as prepared as usual or as strong in my dancing. A lot of work to do before September! I haven’t decided if I want to compete next month but if I do, it will be in Adult.

The only picture I have of myself at the feis looks a bit creepy in the back of the Treble Reel Special. But I did okay and got a few medals. Lots of work ahead of me!

(L) Hair and makeup finished, ready to leave! (M) Treble Reel Special (R) Medals

Also this feis was my very first in 2014, so I like to use it as a benchmark of my progress. I thought it would be fun to compare this feis across 3 years. I’ve definitely come a long way, not only in levels I’m competing but also in some of my dances, especially Double Jig.


So I officially start my third year of feising with a decent performance in Adult Prizewinner and ready to drop down. Crazy compared to April 2013, when I bumbled around in my very first Irish dance class!


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