It’s Hard Work

One of my biggest struggles (besides my lack of any natural sport ability!) is the mental fight. I’m not sure whether it’s an actual issue or I’m just a lazy type, but the thought of trying to do something is usually very draining for me. Once I force myself to get up and get going, whether it’s cleaning, eating a healthy meal, going out for a hike, or meeting up with friends, I’m always engaged and happy with the activity. But actually getting started really gets my anxious going and all those little things seem insurmountable. It is then I turn to food and either reading, TV, or internet while fooding.

The best I can do is try and push through it, and that’s what I did yesterday. I didn’t want to do anything related to my training yesterday, but knew I should. The thought of actually going to the gym was too much, so I just practiced inside my apartment for about 45 min. Not much, but better than giving up when I have really just started.

And even though I didn’t do a ton during those 45 min, I made a bit of progress. I worked on bunny hops and pumps (two tricks that I’m sure probably have different names elsewhere), which are in my reel. I’m having an issue where I put an extra step in the transition between the bunny hop and the leap that comes after, and I also am a bit slow on my kicks during the bunny hop. But the practice helped, and I’m hopeful at class tonight I’ll do a bit better! My pumps still need work as I’m having trouble with getting to kicks in a row…my foot really gets stuck. I think I was getting closer last night, so now I just have to try and keep that all from falling apart at class today.

I’ll also give a brief mention to my training schedule. I took a month from pre-season and added in on to off season, so that I could get through my runs. So I’m accelerating the run schedule a bit and condensing pre-season, but looking overall it should be okay. Other than extending off season and condensing the run schedule to go along with that, my plan is about the same as before I burned out.

I have about 7 weeks until my next feis and I’d really like to prove I’m ready to drop down. Let the hard work commence!


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