Done Easing In

Last week I focused mostly on easing back into my dance regimen. This was a…mixed success. There were successes, but also many lack of successes:

  • Monday: I survived 2 hours in the studio…75 min of drills class followed by 45 min of teams, which was also “just” drills. My legs and core were sore until Thursday morning. I ate 1577 calories and got 8273 steps, so overall a good day.
  • Tuesday: No class, but I did my 20 min flexibility/mobility training. 1641 calories and 11,786 steps. Another pretty good day.
  • Wednesday: No anything. I didn’t count calories at all but I did get 9914 steps.
  • Thursday: Went to my main class at the studio. Class was 90 min long, and I almost didn’t make it through our work on the hornpipe. Didn’t count calories again and only 7741 steps.
  • Friday: Nope. No training, no counting calories, only 6666 steps.
  • Saturday: Totally intended to do my run, and totally lamed out on it. Didn’t count calories and didn’t even wear my Fitbit.
  • Sunday: Rest day, right? Right. Rest day. I counted calories through dinner, when we went out for Mexican food. I think I finished with about 2100 for the day, which isn’t great but it could have been worse. I did get in my steps, total of 10,196.

But when life gives you lemons, you need to remember that you actually rather enjoy the taste of lemon, and wouldn’t these be delicious in -ade, pie, or chicken form with a generous side of vegetables, right after you finished training for your goal of being a champion dancer.

Another motivating factor was this MRI photo I saw today comparing an active person’s body composition with an inactive person’s, both in their 70’s. I was really struck by the fat between the muscles of the inactive person as well as the decreased bone density. In addition to all the goals my current planned training would achieve for me, I want to be terrorizing the retirement community when I get older, not be stuck in a chair. Being healthy in the future starts now.



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