Let the Madness Begin

I haven’t posted for a while because quite frankly, things have been crazy. I’m planning to leave the country at the end of the month, work is stressful, and dance has been plentiful. So here’s an update.

  1. My foot had recovered enough by Thursday to attend my regular dance class. It was a tough yet good class. I still feel a bit of soreness now and then but nothing as bad as last week.
  2. Except for the couple days I was resting my foot, I’ve been doing a great job of hitting my 10,000 steps per day. Being an Irish dancer helps, though the pedometer definitely undercounts when I’m dancing!
  3. My eating has been reigned in and my weight loss is progressing! Now I’m trying to incorporate better cooking and more vegetables.
  4. At last night’s performance class we ran through our half hour show twice. I…am in a lot of numbers. And need to stock up on epsom salts for this coming week.
  5. I haven’t been on top of my cross training for dance. It’s tough with the mental power it takes to control my eating and with St. Patrick’s Day upon us.

Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day…we got our team performance schedules. This Saturday I have 3 shows, Sunday I have 2 shows and a parade, Thursday I have 9! shows across 12 hours, and the following Saturday I have 3 shows. So I’ll be dancing 17 shows in the next week. And did I mention I have to be at my first Thursday show at 7:45am?


I need to find a hot tub to soak in Thursday night.

But after that I’ll have just one more week until my 2+ week vacation. Woo hoo! I will survive!



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