Getting in a Groove

I’ve finally managed to get my diet under control in the last week. I’m feeling much better about the amounts I’m eating and not just eating out of stress. There’s still work to do with macro and micronutrients, but one thing at a time.

Best of all, I’m down 2 lbs for it! Watching what you eat works, it just involves careful tracking.

Tuesday was really the only day last week where I wasn’t diligent in my food diary. I’ve



found I have no problem keeping in my calories with just a little bit of planning ahead, even on days when I’m sharing some pizza and wine, or like yesterday when I went out to eat after our recital. I just need to put forth the effort and find better ways of dealing with stress and anxiety than giving up and shoveling in food.

This week I’m shifting focus back on getting in all my dance classes and cross training, which I’ve been slacking on the last couple weeks. But my next step for improvement in my diet will be to focus on getting better quality foods: more fruits, veggies, lean meats rather than convenience type foods. After that, I’ll focus on my macronutrient ratios. My training book recommends high protein, high carb, and low fat for best performance. As I’m in weight loss phase, I’ve cut back to more moderate carbs, which I’ll then add back into my diet when I’m ready to maintain my weight. Right now I’m too high on fats and too low on protein.



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