The Simplest Thing is the Hardest

There is one thing I could do to increase my performance and make dance progress in a snap. It doesn’t require much effort, and the results snowball into awesomeness. And it would even save me money.

Don’t overeat. Eat properly. Lose weight. Optimize power to weight ratio. It’s simple. Eat


Pasta, tomatoes, peppers, and ground turkey for dinner. One of my easy quick favorites.

less. Eat healthier. Take a couple minutes to track calories. Make your life easier during the week by prepping delicious, nutritious foods on your Sunday rest day. And hey, even save money by buying less food to eat and more vegetables and less packaged foods, and not letting those vegetables and fruits go bad.

So why can’t I do this simple thing? Why is it so hard that I can only stick to it a day at a time, maybe?


Easy healthy choice at work cafeteria.

I have all the excuses. I’m tired. I haven’t gone shopping. I don’t feel like shopping. I really don’t feel like cooking. I’m busy. I don’t want to do x thing, and if I’m eating I don’t have to feel guilty about not doing x thing because I’m busy eating. I was at dance and had to shower and now it’s 8pm. I’msohungryIneedallthefoodsrightnow.

My relationship with food is complicated. But to sum it up, I can remember from at least high school that shoving food in my face helps me avoid stress. I’m not thinking about x, y, or z that is stressing me out and I don’t have to worry about the myriad of things on my to do list. Forcing my self to do things, like cook, clean, or go to dance class, can be really mentally


Delicious breakfast.

exhausting for me.

I haven’t figured out how to get my shit together yet, but I’m working on it. Because I know how wonderful I feel when I get things done.


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