I Feel Old

As nice as the kids are at my studio (I’ve never gotten a sense of “Why are you here?” from them, and they’re really friendly and sweet), sharing classes with them really drives home the uphill battle I face as a Novice adult. Not only do kids have more time to devote to dance, since they have fewer responsibilities like work and maintaining a household, but they are bendy and energetic in a way a 30 year old, slightly overweight, casual exerciser is not. I really need to work on my endurance and flexibility and keep improving.

Class was okay overall last night. It was a workshop with our school directors, who normally teach at other studios. I got a bit of positive feedback and some good corrections that were both directed to myself and were gleaned from listening to corrections for other students. But on one of our last hard shoe drills, which focused on front clicks, I was really running out of steam and couldn’t get my leg higher as directed. Endurance! Flexibility!

A positive, though? Even though I was on the struggle bus with my front clicks, especially left leg, I could tell I was doing way better than the last time I did the drill. Progress is something. I might not be able to soar through Grades and be a champ by age 12, but there’s hope for me yet.

Tonight is normally a solos class, but our recital is this Sunday so I’m not sure if we’ll be running solos or working on recital dances. Either way, despite my old lady cracking feet and knees and my lack of endurance and flexibility, things are improving and I’m excited to keep working at it. My teacher has told me she can tell my turnout has improved, my drills feel better, and hell, I can even manage first or second place consistently in my treble jig despite all the problems I feel I have with it. Today, I am just an old Novice dancer. But next year…who knows?


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