Feis Update

Yesterday was my first feis with all dances at Adult Prizewinner level. I was nervous not only because I’m trying to prove my worth to drop down to &Overs, but because 4 of my dances were moved up by my teacher rather than “earned” by winning 1st of at least 5 dancers for Novice level. Not only that, three of those dances weren’t even “earned” for moving up from Beginner to Novice. I was trying to prove I belonged in the Prizewinner category in addition to trying to prove I am ready to tackle &Overs.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my results. I didn’t dominate, but I at the very least kept up.


Three golds, four silvers, and a bronze!

Some highlights and individual results below. My reel, slip jig, hornpipe, and traditional set were the ones I had just moved up so I was most concerned about dancing those like they belonged in Prizewinner.

  • Compliments: I had multiple fellow competitors tell me they thought I danced at Adult Prizewinner level. Not only that, but one of the ladies was completely surprised that I had any dances left in Novice, let alone 4. Outside validation always helps with confidence!
  • 2 Hand Reel: We didn’t have any competition, but our 2 hand reel went very well and I won’t be dropping down before at least June, the next feis I can attend, so that we can dance it again.
  • Reel: I tied for 3rd out of 4, so fairly evenly matched and not dead last! Not surprising given that I fudged the ending on the left leg by doing the end of our 2 hand reel. Ooops!
  • Light Jig: Tied for 2nd of 3. The lady who won is a very beautiful dancer. I’m usually chasing her and placing above her is a major success for me. I was slightly disappointed because I thought it had gone well, but still held my own.
  • Slip Jig: Very pleased with this one…tied for 2nd out of 5.
  • Single Jig: Not too shabby here either, tied for 2nd out of 4.
  • Double Jig: Best one here, 1st out of 4! I’m glad that I’ve been consistently getting 1st

    Trebling and blurring my way to 1st!

    or 2nd place in this dance at Prizewinner level out of a decent number of other dancers.

  • Hornpipe: I wasn’t happy about this dance…we had to stand out on stage waiting forever for the fast hornpipes to finish before they played the slow music. Standing with my feet crossed that long honestly tired out my legs and my brain, and I felt like jello legs around the stage. Nevertheless, tied for 2nd out of 3, and the winner did a fast hornpipe and didn’t have to stand out with us forever.
  • Traditional Set: So excited about this one too, 1st out of 3! I often have trouble even placing in this one, so I was mega mega pleased.
  • Judge Feedback: I had the same judge the whole time (whyyyy weren’t they rotating?), so I think all the ties meant I held my own in Prizewinner level! Main feedback was I need to keep high on my toes and watch my timing and beats. I definitely have issues with dropping my heels and not hitting all my beats when trebling, so it’s something to work on.

All in all, I’m happy with how the feis went, I’m looking forward to the next one, and I’m inspired to keep putting forth the effort with my training. In the meantime, though, it’s time to shift focus onto St. Patrick’s Day festivities.


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