Feis Prep

Tomorrow is the day! I wouldn’t normally be very worked up about a feis, but tomorrow is my first day after my teacher moved me up to all Prizewinner (rather than me winning my Novice dances to “earn” it), and I really want to prove I belong there. I currently have 3 dances in Prizewinner, and I’ve already gotten a 1st in all of them. But the other 4 I’m a bit nervous about. This is my big chance to show I’m ready to drop down from Adult competition to &Over.

Last night’s class went pretty well. I’m feeling good about my reel and my slip jig, though more so my reel. I keep whiffing my trebles when tired and getting my legs tangled up, but


Looking to repeat the blue ribbons for hard shoe tomorrow!

I’ve consistently done well in my slow treble jig in Prizewinner and I’ve gotten 2nd once and won twice the hornpipe at Novice level competitions…though only 4 people for the 2 wins so I didn’t move up. My St. Patrick’s Day leaves much to be desired still, and I can’t do a rock to save my life.

I’m also doing a 2-hand reel (2-person group dance) with my friend to start out the competition, and I hope that will settle my stage nerves before the reel and give me a nice warm up and some confidence. We got rave reviews from our teacher about our choreography we put together!

My cape for my solo dress is broken (snap fell off) and I haven’t bothered repairing it yet, so between that and not wanting to change between the 2 hand and my solos, I’m just going to wear blacks (black shirt, black skirt, black tights) tomorrow. Plus my solo is a little tight around the middle and this should be more comfortable… Anyway, I have to run out tonight after work and buy the black long sleeve shirt, as well as stock up on feis essentials like almonds, a Kind bar, and dry fruit. And ibuprofen.

I also have a goal of breaking in both sets of new shoes by the time the next feis rolls around. Floppy ghillies and tiny toe tap hard shoes need to be retired!


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