No Lazy Weekend Here!

While I struggled to do much of anything yesterday, I was on top of my training today!

First up was my endurance/recovery training this morning. Just 5 seconds off the walking time, so 10 sets of a 2 min run followed by 1:55 walking. Running was rough as always, but I made it and it was a beautiful day on the trail. I ran a bit faster this week than last week, which I’m guessing was due to the lack of snow on the trail this time. I was also treated to a nice view of fog mixing out over the reservoir to the north. It might be a bit difficult to see, but the white area between the houses and just above the grass line/below the mountain line is actually fog.


After the cross training, a friend of mine stopped by to learn and practice the two hand reel we plan to perform at next weekend’s feis. We went over some other show dances as well. It was a lot of fun and a good burst of activity. With all that, I’ve had no problem hitting my steps today…11,000 and counting at the moment.

I also did my second foam rolling session today. It was a lot easier than last week, where I was a bit freaked out by how much it hurt in some areas. My IT band area can still only stand 4 rolls, but that’s up from not quite 3 last week and no major pain like last time. I’m feeling quite good this evening!

I also discovered today that one of the Open Champs from a neighboring school actually started out as an Adult Beginner. This really inspires me and I’m getting excited for next weekend’s competition.


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