The Good Kind of Hurt

Struggling to stand up out of bed in the morning because you’ve been putting in the effort to improve hurts great. We may dance like we’re very lithe, flexible, and relaxed, but off the dance floor we’re waddling around stiff as a board.

Last night’s class when fairly well. We ran through light jig and reel, which I feel good about. I even got complimented about might nice straight legs and how the end of the step is coming together. I still really need to work on my punches…just can’t figure out how to get that leg to move! We spent a good bit of time going over the slip jig and our slow hornpipe and treble jig as well.

I’m still struggling with breaking in my hard shoes. The thick tips are really hard to get used to after my previous pair. In the end they’ll be great, but I’m still adjusting. I also slid a bit on the floor, so it’s back to the sandpaper with those tips! It’s hard to balance on them and my shoes keep rotating, making it hard to balance. I’m not sure if it’s the tips or me. Eventually I changed into my old pair because the balls of my feet hurt too much.

My St. Patrick’s Day is just all around sad. I need to practice more. And I’m still painfully aware about how much harder it is to dance now vs almost 20 lbs ago. I did need to work on my stamina then, but it didn’t seem as bad as it is now. Of course, I’m also working harder in class with harder steps and trying to focus on my technique, so that’s part of it. But it’s easier to jump when you’re not trying to jump with so much weight.

By the end of the day I had over 12,500 steps on the pedometer. Now if only I could get my eating under control…


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