Weight Training

Fortunately my wonderful boyfriend was there last night to motivate me. I was really ready to skip out on my weight training. More on my lack of get up and go later, for now just a quick update on my lifting session!

I haven’t been doing my morning workouts, but last night I did a stretching sequence that I neglected Tuesday morning. I’m actually seeing a bit of progress there…way closer to the splits than in the past!

For my weekly full body lifting session:

Deadlifts                                     2×15   50 lbs
Dumbbell Should Press      2×15    8 lbs
Dumbbell Overhead Row   2×15     5 lbs
Lunges                                          2×15    13 lbs
Swiss Ball Situps                     2×8     bodyweight

I can really feel my glutes and legs from the lunges and my back muscles from the deadlifts (in a good way!). Fortunately I work on the first floor so I’m not encountering too many stairs today, but the stairs to the parking garage were a little rough this morning.


I didn’t make my steps yesterday, but I should today with dance class. Not getting out for any walks during work has been killing the step count.

I’m also working on breaking in my new soft shoes. Trying out a new brand this time, Rutherford Cavans. I’m currently using some 20160209_205049stretched out Fays Platinums. They were alright, but nothing outstanding. Once my new shoes are broken in, I think I’ll put some elastics in them and use them for shows.


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