Responsibility Is Hard

Well, I didn’t dance and core yesterday as scheduled. I was tired, I was hungry, my legs were sore, blah blah blah excuse blah blah blah.

I’ll get my routine down eventually, but it’s important to keep moving forward and keep trying to get everything in. To that end, I’ve successfully completed today’s task of my endurance/recovery training! Today was 10 sets of a 2 min run and 2 min walk. The goal is to reduce the walking time every week down til it’s only 1 min. My book suggests a shorter reduction time for less in shape dancers, which I feel I fit, so I plan to reduce the recovery time by 5 seconds every week.

It was lovely and warm today (50 F), but a struggle to run on the snow. I feel great now, though!


I already have all my steps in for the day and tonight I’m going to give foam rolling a try.


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