Dance, dance…

After a couple snow days earlier this week, I finally had a dance class last night! It was great. I was drenched in sweat, tired, and I’m sore this morning. All of these unpleasant things are, strangely, really great.

We worked a lot on the slip jig last night, which was great as all of the kids in my champ prep class that went to Oireachtas (the regional championships) last November were dancing the reel so that had been the focus for quite a while. I can always use slip jig practice! Though one of my struggle points is the stamina, which I need to address through my cross training.

For hard shoe, we worked on one of our show pieces for St. Patrick’s Day and our recital. tmpA nice change of pace, and I get to run through my competition dances at Tuesday classes so I don’t think it’s a major issue. It’s almost recital and St. Patrick’s Day madness time, woo hoo! So much fun to dance on a proper stage for an audience, or in the aisle of a bar for drunken revelers.

I’d like to change my traditional set from St. Patrick’s Day to Three Sea Captains, but it isn’t a common dance at my school so my teacher isn’t sure who can teach me and whether or not I’ll need to work on it in a private. I’ve never done privates before, but I guess if I want to keep improving they might be a good idea!

Tonight is my home dance practice night. I’d like to work on learning one of the hard shoe show dances that I haven’t actually gotten down yet, and I’m going to work on Three Sea Captains to see if I can get far enough on my own to actually switch my set. I have a feis in two weeks though, then St. Patrick’s Day madness, so I definitely won’t be switching for a while.


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