The title expresses my thoughts on weightlifting. I feel like a powerful bad ass when I lift, and I can kind of understand the grunting types!


To be honest, I’m lifting way less than that kid. But I’m doing reps, so…it’s okay because the New Rules of Lifting for Women is a progressive program?

I stumbled yesterday, using the snow day (over 13″!) as an excuse to not eat properly and not workout. I’m trying to get back with it today. To that end, here is my training from today!

Weightlifting: 25 min20160203_185702

Front squat              2×15     30 lbs
Pushup                    2×15     60 degrees
Barbell row              2×15     20 lbs
Step up                    2×15     13 lbs
Swiss Ball Jackknife 2×8       bodyweight

Core: 20 min

Today I used this video by Sanela Osmanovic. I could really feel the ab burn, and I really enjoy how she gets very excited about finishing a set and expresses how tired she is during the workout. It makes it more relatable and motivates me to carry on!

I’m pretty low on my steps at the moment, but I’m hoping to update this post with a successful steps report in! Only at 3,601 right now…oops.

Edit: Made it to 10,000!


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